The Pros and Cons of Custom Furniture

Custom furniture offers many advantages and few drawbacks. The primary benefits of purchasing custom furniture include the ability to create pieces that meet your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Custom furniture can be designed for smaller spaces, to fit in with pre-designed rooms, and with high-quality materials that last a long time. Custom furniture also offers unique designs, and in Canada, it supports the economy and the environment. 

However, custom furniture costs more than ready-made furniture and takes longer to produce. Designing new products can also be challenging if you cannot visualize the final design. Home Envy Furnishings offers custom furniture to help you design pieces that perfectly reflect your personal style.


Pro: Functionality and Aesthetic Options

One of the top reasons for purchasing custom furniture is the ability to make your furniture precisely what you need, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.  

For example, you may love the storage space offered by our Carson Dresser but cannot find the space to fit it into your bedroom. We could help you design furniture for your small space that will be practical without feeling crowded, such as putting additional storage into your bed frame. For more tips on furnishing a smaller space, check out our blog.

It is also important to consider what materials you will be using, especially in terms of what stage of life you are in. If you live with young children or have pets, opting for a sofa or sectional with more child- and pet-friendly fabric will likely make it last longer.

We also carry many options for different aesthetics. You have options to customize finish, size, hardware, and fabric depending on what you like and what suits your personal style. This allows you to design a home that is truly you!  

Custom furniture is also an incredible option if you want the furniture to fit in with a pre-designed room.  


Pro: Long-Lasting and High-Quality Products

At Home Envy Furnishings, our products are made with top-quality craftsmanship. We carefully select materials that are high-quality and designed to last for generations. Additionally, good quality products mean you will get the full value for your money as they last much longer than other commercial furniture manufacturers.


Pro: Unique Furniture

Custom is the way to go if you are looking for furniture to accent a space that is not a standard design! Buying custom furniture means you will end up with a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly reflects your individual style. Placing these pieces in your home makes it stand out from all others.


Pro: Made in Canada

Custom products made in Canada have many benefits, including lower environmental impact and supporting the Canadian economy and workers. Because the finished products require less shipping (and no overseas) and the materials come from Canada, much less energy is used in transportation. Additionally, the trees used are grown and harvested sustainably, and byproducts of the manufacturing processes are reused whenever possible.


Con: Higher Upfront Cost

Custom furniture is definitely an investment and costs more initially than ready-made furniture. That being said, it is worth it in the long run as our custom products are high quality and last much longer than other furniture.


Con: Long Time Frame

 Custom furniture will take longer for your final product to be ready. This is because it is not ready-made and must be made from scratch with precision and care after you place your order. This delay is important to factor in when you use custom furniture to furnish your home.


Con: Designing New Product

Designing a new product can be difficult in some respects, as it requires knowing what you are looking for. If you cannot envision what you would like your final project to look like, it may take some work to figure out precisely what you are looking for.


Considering investing in custom furniture for your home?  Visit us in-person or online and start working with us to design exactly what you are looking for!  At Home Envy Furnishings, we do our best to make the process positive for you and strive to create a home that perfectly reflects your style.

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