Dining Room Furniture

Solid wood trestle, pedestal and leg dining tables

Design your very own dining table, handcrafted right here in Canada

Solid wood? Check. Canadian made? Check. Customizable? Check.

Because we work with Canadian craftsmen and brands such as Handstone,  Cardinal, Amisco and Ruff Sawn, you have flexibility.

Bring your vision of your dining space even closer to reality with your choice of table sizes, shapes, leaf options, finishes – and in some cases, even the type of wood used to construct your table.

Add your custom, solid wood dining table to your online quote today and lets start building your perfect table.

Trestle Tables

If you need the most flexible seating options, a trestle table delivers well with plenty of style choices to suit your taste.

Our Benchmark Trestle Table provides a beautiful plank detail with an industrial turnbuckle base for a rustic, custom look to your dining space.

The Brooklyn Table gives you the traditional style you love with a modern flair and comes in your choice of wood and finish to give you a unique furniture piece.

Pedestal Tables

Pedestal tables provide you with the best choice for condos or smaller dining spaces, but with a range of style options to make it your very own.

Our versatile Monticello Round Table has traditional classic styling that also combines well with more rustic woods and finishes.

Our Parker Table is the perfect choice in your condo if you occasionally host but need a piece that can be pushed close to your wall the rest of the time.

Leg Tables

Leg tables can give you a simple, unadorned and rustic furniture piece that fits well in both your modern or farmhouse-style kitchen.

Check out our classic and sturdy Timber or Bakers dining tables which provide very different stylings, but deliver the same simple and clean appearance that is characteristic of this type of table.

Pub Tables

Square, rectangle, round… you have a wide range of choices in our small but comprehensive collection of pub tables for your basement or game room.

Squeeze in an island console table behind your sofa to give you extra seats for watching those big games!