4 Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Home Décor

Want to change up your home décor, but not quite sure how to do it? Unfortunately, home décor always has the potential to go out of style, leaving your home feeling a bit aged. 

Here are four quick and easy ways to bring new life to any room in your house!

1. Swap Textiles

Rugs, pillows, and throw blankets are cost-effective and easy things to swap out to drastically change the feel of a room. Once you have basic high-quality solid wood furniture in your living room, simple switches for the seasons, holidays, or even just because you feel like it becomes effortless. 

Adding rugs can seem intimidating and excessive, but it is one of the best ways to breathe new life into a well-loved room in your home. To make a room look bigger and brighten up a space, add in a light-colored rug. If you want the room to seem smaller and cozier, adding darker colors will be more suitable. Rug size can also impact the overall feel of your room. For more detailed information about selecting a rug size, check out this article from Western Distributors. Rugs are also a wonderful option to cover worn flooring, including carpet, and make the room feel like new again!

For more regular changes, look into getting throw pillows and blankets for each season or key holidays. Here is a quick guide to which colors work best for certain seasons:

  • Spring is the best season for bright, fresh, and pastel colors. Yellows, oranges, greens, and blues are always a good choice. If you love floral prints, spring and summer are the ideal times to bring these into your home décor.
  • Summer is the ideal time for bright colors, including a vibrant blue, yellow, and red. That being said, summer has the most adjustable color scheme, as just about anything goes!
  • Fall is one of the easiest seasons to incorporate into your home décor. Opt for any typical fall colors in whatever shades of red, orange, yellow, and browns you fancy. Paired with solid wood furniture, the combinations are stunning! Fall is also a good time to bring out heavier, fluffy blankets, rather than just light throws.
  • Winter months lend to neutral and cozy colors. Blues, grays, and whites that mimic the snowy landscape are often a hit. Winter is also the month you will spend the most time in your home, making it the ideal time to turn your house into a space you can truly enjoy.

2. Add Organization

Even if you tend towards minimalism and are not a messy person, adding organizational furniture, such as our wall units, can be a great way to update a space with versatility. Cabinets and drawers with closed fronts are ideal for hiding random items, and open shelves are the perfect choice if you want to display books, blankets, antiques, and photos.

3. Adjust Lighting

It is no secret that lighting has a huge impact on a space. Along with furniture and decorations, lighting is key in creating your desired atmosphere in a space. When looking at changing your lighting, there are a few things to consider

First, look at the color:

  • Warm colors, often yellow or red tones, are best for relaxing spaces, such as a living room or bedrooms. 
  • Cool colors, anything white or blue toned, are ideal for spaces that require focus or higher energy levels, such as office spaces.

Next, consider the stylistic differences in lamps:

  • Table lamps are great for lighting a small space. They can act as decorations if you have an empty side table, and are often good for living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Floor lamps can take up more visual (and sometimes physical) space, depending on the style. Floor lamps light larger areas, and different styles can be used to achieve a specific look.

Adding both styles of lamps can allow options within a space, as well as give flexibility to the mood you are wanting at a given time. It is also worth looking into additional lighting options, including string lights, LEDs, color changing lights, LED strip lights, and dimmer lights, for an additional flair.

4. Rearrange or Update Key Furniture

Key furniture includes any regularly-used, often larger pieces of furniture in your home. Often this includes your couch and accent or reclining chairs, kitchen table and dining chairs, bed frames, and coffee tables. 

If these pieces are in good condition, consider moving them around in your room. Some simple rearranging can make a space (and the pieces within it) feel brand-new.

If your key furniture is worn, it may be worth looking into replacing them. You could have the nicest living room, but if the couch, the centerpiece of the room, is worn and aged, it has the potential to ruin the whole space. 


Looking to refresh your home décor with some new, updated furniture? Check out our collections of custom solid wood furniture, including all or your key furniture: sofas, sectionals, and chairs for your living spaces, dining tables and chairs for your dining room, and wall units for added organization. To browse our full selection, visit us online or instore!

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