Incorporating Antique Furniture and Decorations Into Your Home 

Antique furniture can be kept around your home for sentimental reasons, stylistic choices, or even just because you don’t know what to do with it.  Regardless, incorporating antique wood furniture into your home is a relatively easy process and can add both personality and style to your house.  Finding spaces to fit antique furniture or decorations into your home can be an arduous process.  To aid in the process, this article will tackle the basics of three key areas: furniture restoration, interior design with antiques, and combining solid wood with antiques.

Restoring Antique Furniture to Its Former Glory

Solid wood furniture is designed to last for ages, so restoring and refinishing it is a relatively painless process. Deep scratches, chips, or other wear, sun damage, and stains can be touched up with a simple refinishing to make the furniture look drastically better.

When dealing with older couches, sectionals, or chairs, reupholstering can take high-quality furniture that is worn on the surface and make it functional for years to come. Restoring old furniture is a great way to encourage sustainability while simultaneously adding charm and personality to your home.  

Interior Design with Antiques

Designing with antiques can cater to various interior design styles (depending on the piece you are using) and replace short-lived design trends with long-lasting quality items. 

Antiques often work well as accent pieces. If you are starting with a large antique, such as a sofa or large painting, design the room around it, using it as a starting point. When working with smaller antiques, try to utilize pieces that will fit into the room you have designed. Adding a few smaller antiques to your house can add interest, but do not add so many that the room begins to feel overcrowded.

Using Solid Wood Furniture to Compliment Antique Pieces

Another way to emphasize antiques in your home is to combine antique items with modern solid wood furniture. Consider utilizing pieces of the same wood or designed with similar era-specific elements (style or embellishments). At Home Envy Furnishings, we can help create pieces with common colours, patterns, or materials to help them fit in with your antique furniture or decorations.  

Interested in combining antique furniture or decorations with modern wood furniture?  Visit us online or in-store to get started designing customizable furniture for your home! 


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