Guide to Choosing the Best Stools for your Home

Thinking of adding some extra seating to your kitchen? At Home Envy Furnishings, we have a large selection of stools to choose from. Before you commit to a style, here are some key things to consider when choosing stools:

1. Height

When buying stools, you will want to ensure they are the proper height for your bar, counter or table.

There are several solutions for this:

First off, we can customize furniture and build your stools to the height you need! 

Second, we offer stools, such as the Uplift Backless Stool, that are adjustable, making it perfect for all occasions – from feeding kids at the counter to using it at your bar for a hockey night with friends. 

2. Space

How much space you have is important to consider when choosing stools. More compact designs, such as those without a back, are ideal for smaller spaces, as they can be easily tucked under the counter.

It is also worth considering the design of the stool. While the Brando Counter Stool may be a gorgeous option for a house with a lot of room, something such as the Aaron Stool would likely be better suited to a smaller space.

3. Number of Stools

How many stools are you wanting to add? How much extra seating do you need? How many stools can fit comfortably into the area you have? 

These are important questions to consider when deciding on the style and type of stool you want. Ideally, you will be able to comfortably fit the stools with a bit of space in between (anywhere from 10-30cm).

4. Swivel vs Stationary

Swivel chairs, such as the Diaz Swivel Stool, have the benefit of easy rotation, making them ideal for getting in and out of, as well as for interacting with a whole room. As great as this may be, it is also important to consider that, when not careful, swivel stools can cause damage to the edges of the countertop when they rub against each other.On the other hand, stationary stools like our Bray Stool, have a more sturdy feel, and won’t move around.

5. Backed vs Backless

Stools with backs, such as the Weston Swivel Stool, are cozy, provide back support, and are perfect for relaxing in. They are more likely to be visible because of their larger size, so it is important to make sure the style suits the space well.

Backless stools, like the Connor Stool, take up less room, making them ideal for a tight space or an area where you want them out of sight. That being said, they provide no back support and are not ideal if you have young children.

6. Aesthetics

Each stool we carry is made-to-order, giving you the ability to customize it to reflect your style. To see the customization options for each product, look under “available customizations” for the specific product to see the wood, stain, and fabric options.

To learn more about custom handcrafted furniture, check us out online or visit us in-store!

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