5 Tips for Creating a Productive Office Space

Having an intentionally-designed office space is important for many jobs, but it can take time to figure out the best way to create a productive and stylish space.  Whether you are considering updating your home office, or creating an office space for the first time, we have you covered! 

The following are five tips for how to create an office that fosters optimal productivity while preserving the unique style that defines your workspace:

1. Organization

Utilizing shelving and storage is important for making sure that you can work productively in your office.  Building a spacious desk with plenty of room and keeping it clean with storage can reduce distractions significantly, thus making it easier to focus on your work.

Consider some of our bookcases for stand-alone storage units, such as the minimalist Miami Bookcase or stylish Saratoga Bookcase.  If you are looking for storage without adding more furniture, check out our Chattanooga Executive Desk, Contempo Executive Desk, or Cumberland Desk, all of which feature large, spacious cabinets built in.

2. Nature

Natural daylight has been proven to improve productivity, mood, and well-being.  Since many people spend significant amounts of time at their desks, arranging your office so the desk can be near a window will pay off quickly when you notice improvements in your mental wellness.  

Adding natural elements to your office, such as plants (real or fake), can increase well-being (similarly to natural lighting), and will also compliment the solid wood furniture in your office.

3. Calming Décor

Building on adding natural elements, we can look at other ways to add decorations to an office.  Offices are best kept simple -think a few undistracting artwork pieces, solid wood pieces that act as both decorations and serve purposes (such as desks or chairs), and a sleek, classy look.  

4. Desk Chair and Desk

Desk chairs are one of the primary things you should consider in-depth when designing your office. You will likely find yourself sitting at your desk for hours a day, so ensuring your chair is comfortable, practical, and ergonomic should be top priority. 

Finding a desk that suits your needs and priorities is also of high importance. Do you need a desk that takes up very little space? Consider checking out our Electra Writing Desk, a modern, space-conscious design with enough storage for the necessities and plenty of working room.  Or perhaps you are looking for something that can act as the main decoration in the room, with plenty of room to work and a gorgeous design, like our Stockholm Executive Desk or the rustic Rafters Desk.

5. Multi-Purpose

Especially true in smaller offices, having one item that can serve multiple purposes can help make space and keep your office from becoming crowded or cluttered.  Custom furniture can allow for items to be adjusted in ways that will make your office the most effective. For example, a desk that has large cabinets can act as storage and a workspace, or a bookshelf with a creative design, like our Tribeca Open Bookcase, can replace your regular old bookshelves with a creative backdrop for online meetings.

Solid wood furniture can complement any design style, can easily be refinished, and is an excellent long-term investment due to its longevity.  It creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere, making it a flawless choice for any office.

As always, personalize your office!  This is meant to be your work space, so take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Contact us or visit us in-store today to start the stress-free process of creating your ideal home office.  

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