Creating a Cozy Reading Nook for Autumn and Winter

Whether you are an avid reader or only pick up a few books a year, creating a cozy reading nook can make the cold winter months so much more enjoyable.  Keep reading for some ideas to get you started on creating the ultimate cozy space in your home!

Start with Furniture

Most importantly, you need somewhere to sit.  Consider our large selection of chairs, many of which are perfectly suited to creating comfortable and inviting spaces in your home. Among our top choices are the Cuddle Chair, or an even larger option like the Loop Nest Chair if you have room.  Other options like the Risa Club Chair, the Truscott Chair, or the Blair Chair are great choices if you want a more traditional chair.  

Don’t forget about the importance of having a bookcase to store your library! We offer a variety of sizes, allowing you to find what will work for your space. Several of our bookcases, such as the Stockholm Bookcase, have cabinets at the bottom for additional storage, ideal for storing extra blankets, pillows, or fuzzy socks.

Imagine this. You’re nestled in your favorite chair with a captivating book and a warm drink in hand, only to realize you’ve got no place to rest your cup when it gets too hot to handle. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix! Consider investing in an end table to put near your chair.  Not only do you have a place to store your drink, but you can also use it to store everything you may need while reading (eyeglasses, bookmark), so you can stay in your cozy nook for as long as you like.

A View 

Setting up your reading nook near a window gives you the perfect view to see outside, admire the beautiful wintery wonderland, and appreciate just how warm and cozy you are. Additionally, setting up near a window allows for natural light, ideal for reading. If you cannot set up near a window, consider hanging up some landscape photos for a similar effect.

Cozy Textiles

Adding blankets, rugs, and pillows to any space can easily take it from feeling cold and sterile to cozy, warm, and inviting.  Adding a rug to the floor (especially if you don’t have carpeted floors) will add warmth, and adding a few soft pillows and fuzzy throw blankets is a quick and affordable way to take any space to the next level.


When creating a cozy reading nook, aesthetic lighting is essential.  Make sure you have suitable lamps for reading, but don’t forget to add fairy lights, candles, or a nearby fireplace for more ambient lighting.

Once you have the basics in place, what else you add is up to you!  Embrace your personal style-fill the space with rich, dark colours, light neutrals, or anything in between!  Decorate your walls with your favourite book quotes and photos, or go completely overboard on the fairy lights and candles.  Have fun setting up a space where you can get cozy and enjoy reading throughout autumn and winter!

Check us out online or visit us in-store to explore our extensive collection of customizable solid wood furniture and start creating a perfect, cozy, cold-weather space!


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