Accent Chairs

Accent, cuddle, swivel and club chairs

Make room for one more, with accent chairs built for comfort and all

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort when you’re looking to add one (or two!) more seats using accent chairs. Set up your own coffee shop-style conversation space with options like our Aiden or Risa Club Chairs.

Or add an elegant touch to your formal living room with our Pippa Chair.

If your living room is the solace of a family bookworm, it doesn’t get much better than our oversized Loop Nest Chair or Nestle Chair, which even comes with a swivel option.

In fact, our swivel chairs offer all the comfort of a body hug while making the best use of your space.

And if you’ve wondered how to get that mid-century modern style in your living room, look no further than our Tribeca Accent Chair or Trevin Modern Chair.

Add your very own, Canadian-made accent chair to your online quote today.