Sustainable Furniture: 4 Ways We Reduce Environmental Impact

At Home Envy Furnishings, we have implemented several sustainable practices to reduce our environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our products, which are not only beautiful and long-lasting but also environmentally responsible. 


1. Long-Lasting Materials

Our products are expertly crafted out of quality solid wood, a material that is long-lasting and holds up to the test of time. As a result, it will not end up in a landfill and need to be replaced quickly, making it a much more sustainable option (both for the environment and for your wallet!). 

Since our products are designed to last for years, especially when cared for properly, they will likely withstand different generations and interior design trends. Although solid wood effortlessly adds to any style, it is also easy to change the appearance should you desire it. This is as simple as adding a stain or changing the decorations around it!


2. Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Shipping

Most importantly, our products are made locally, meaning they travel much less distance to get to you! Instead of being shipped cross-continent, they are simply traveling across Canada. To top it off, you are supporting local businesses!

We rely on blanket wrapping, a safe and sustainable method of protecting items in transit, rather than using plastic or styrofoam to keep products safe. This is much more economical, as well as environmentally friendly. Blanket wrapping is often used for shipping fragile or oversized items, as layers of blankets can be added to ensure your products are kept safe through travel. 


3. Reusing Sawdust and Byproducts

Sawdust and other byproducts are an unavoidable result of crafting wood furniture. As they cannot be avoided, we find uses for these products whenever possible to minimize the waste created. For example, sawdust is often reused as livestock bedding. This simultaneously minimizes waste and meets a need elsewhere.


4. Sustainably Grown Hardwood

All of our hardwood is grown sustainably in North America. Wood is a renewable resource, but maintaining it requires responsibility on our part. As such, we never clear-cut trees for hardwood, instead using sustainable farms and cutting trees in a way that has a low environmental impact. 

Additionally, hardwood is longer lasting than many other materials. When combined with our environmentally friendly, long-lasting finishes, our products do not show damage quickly and are durable, designed to last years. 


For more information about our sustainable manufacturing processes, find more information here. Visit us online to check out our many options for quality, long-lasting custom solid wood furniture!

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