5 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Custom Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture and custom fabric sectionals bring elegance and beauty to any home
and, when cared for properly, can maintain their appeal for generations. Solid wood is
naturally hardwearing, while fabric is less durable. Still, both can look beautiful for decades
with regular, proper care and cleaning. Here are 5 easy ways to care for your furniture and
keep it in excellent condition for years to come:

  1. Vacuum and Spot Clean Fabric
    As a general rule, fabric that is used more regularly requires more cleaning. Custom fabric
    sectionals with removable covers can be washed (in a machine or by hand), then air-dried on
    the furniture to prevent unwanted wrinkling. Pieces that do not have removable covers should
    be vacuumed weekly to remove dust and dirt and cleaned with a gentle fabric cleaner once a
    month to remove any spots.
    Immediately spot cleaning spills will also help extend the fabric’s life and prevent more
    permanent stains from forming. Quickly soak up the liquid using a towel or dry cloth, then
    use a clean, damp cloth to dab at any remaining marks. Stain remover can be used on more
    stubborn spills.
  2. Dust, Clean and Polish Wood
    Solid wood furniture should be dusted regularly and deep cleaned (includes polishing and
    buffing) once or twice a year. Wood should be dusted at least once a month with a duster or
    soft cloth dampened with water to keep it looking clean. Be sure to use only a slightly damp
    cloth and dry immediately after, as too much water can be damaging. Follow with a high-
    quality wood polish, moving with the grain to eliminate streaks and achieve the best results.
  3. Control the Environment
    Extreme environmental conditions can negatively affect both fabric and solid wood furniture.
    Avoid contact with plastics and rubber, large amounts of water, direct sunlight, extreme hot
    or cold temperatures, chemicals (such as solvents, nail polish remover, and certain cleaning
    products), too much or little humidity, and heat from dishes to minimize wear and damage to
    solid wood and fabric furniture.
    Wood is prone to warping or cracking, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures or
    unstable humidity. Custom fabric sectionals and furniture are prone to fading or bleaching
    when exposed to direct sunlight. Luckily, many of these problems can be easily avoided!
    Placing furniture out of direct sunlight or using curtains, using a humidifier, and using hot
    plates or coasters can protect your furniture from environmental damage.
  4. Plump and Rotate Cushions
    Plumping cushions after prolonged use, typically at the end of the day, can help them
    maintain their shape. Additionally, rotating cushions every three months can help to extend
    their lifespan. People tend to sit or lay in one area consistently, so rotating cushions prevents
    your favourite spot from sagging.
  5. Follow Manufacturer Instructions
    When cleaning custom fabric or solid wood furniture, the manufacturer knows best! Follow
    the guidelines or instructions included with the furniture to ensure that the methods or
    products used for care and cleaning are appropriate. Common sense can fill in the rest; treat

furniture kindly, do not bang it around too much, and clean up spills. When in doubt, reach
out to us; We would be happy to help!

With a bit of care and attention, your solid wood furniture and custom fabric sectionals will
look great for decades.
Need help with custom furniture care? Looking to create the perfect custom furniture
piece for your home? Contact us today!

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