Manufacturers Spotlight: Handstone Furnishings

From the look, finish, fit and functionality you can tell that one of the trademarks of Handstone Furniture is craftsmanship. Handstone Furniture came to conception in 1999 as a one-man woodworking shop and has developed into a family-owned, Canadian manufacturer of high-quality, custom-made, solid wood furniture. Each piece you buy is built-to-order to ensure that it will be perfect for your home, style, and needs.

As if that was not enough, Handstone products are made with the finest materials and a high standard of craftsmanship, designed to be enjoyed for generations. Their products have a 10 year warranty to ensure that your product lives up to their intentions.


Handstone furniture is designed and hand-crafted in Canada, unlike many other furniture manufacturers that mass-produce products in other countries. This smaller production not only has a minimal impact on the environment, but also allows for custom choices that cannot be achieved when mass-production is used.

The furniture begins with CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems to ensure accuracy and consistency in the design of the furniture, then a CNC machine is used to help achieve precision.

Before finishing, the wood is inspected carefully for any imperfections.  First, a deep penetrating NGR dye is used, then a stain that is sprayed on and wiped on by hand.  Quality colors are used to dye the furniture, followed by sealer and varnish.  The furniture used is durable and chemical-resistant, both of which are critical in furniture. Before finishing your furniture, the coating is meticulously inspected and coated.

Built-to Order and Custom-Made

Every piece of furniture is built-to-order to ensure that it is perfect for your home. Because of this, you can customize various aspects of your furniture, including: hardwood, stain, hardware, upholstery, size, storage and drawers, doors, and much more.  

Environmental Consciousness

By buying custom furniture, you are not only supporting the trade workers who design and build the furniture, but also helping the environment. Handstone values being environmentally conscious in a way that few other companies do.  By building durable products that are meant to last a long time, the amount of furniture ending up in a landfill is significantly decreased.  To top it off, Handstone recycles the waste from their production process, for example, using sawdust as livestock bedding and reusing scrap wood to heat homes.

Looking to furnish your home with locally-made, gorgeously crafted, high-quality furniture?  Check out our various products created by Handstone Furniture!  

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