Custom Furniture in Edmonton, Uncomplicated!

The term “custom-built furniture” often elicits thoughts of high costs, complicated communication, and time-consuming processes. We are here to prove this wrong and show you that custom furniture can be completely manageable.

Built-To-Order Furniture

Home Envy Furnishings is a furniture store based in Edmonton, Alberta. We strive to make the process of building custom furniture that’s uniquely suited to each space simple. In other words, it’s custom furniture, un-complicated! Our unique Built-to-Order process allows you to take a standard piece of furniture and choose from a range of options to make it a custom piece of furniture-be it a custom fabric sectional, solid wood furniture, custom build bedroom furniture, and custom design sectionals and sofas-fit your space and style.

If you find yourself walking around our Edmonton furniture store and spot something close to what you are looking for, but not quite right, contact us! We can help to adjust furniture-making a larger dining table, selecting a different fabric on a sofa, changing the hardware on a bedroom suite, or any other options. Custom furniture is our specialty!

Canadian Furniture Builders

We work with small custom furniture builders across Canada that offer standard projects in various options. You first find a style you like, then pick the colour, fabric, size, and other factors that make it perfectly suited to your needs and style.

For example, suppose you are looking for a sectional. In that case, you can browse through our various sectional styles, then adjust the size, layout, fabric, and even the firmness and depth of the seat cushions!

Or maybe you are looking for the perfect solid wood dining table. One that can fit in a specific space, seat your extended family on special occasions and work for everyday needs, such as providing a place to do homework.  While it could be challenging to find this at other furniture stores, Home Envy Furnishings is unique in that it can help you find it effortlessly.

Simply choose your table, add a leaf extension to accommodate extra people, choose the wood and colour, and even find matching dining room chairs!

What other furniture store will let you choose all these options, build the furniture efficiently right here in Canada, and stay within your budget? The next time you struggle to find the right piece for your space, remember that your furniture should be as unique as your home. Custom furniture isn’t complicated with Home Envy Furnishings…it’s custom, uncomplicated!

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