Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Home Design: 6 Key Elements

Mid-century modern houses are recognized for their clean, sophisticated, and functional style. This type of design brings simplicity to your home without losing any beauty or style.


This style originated in the mid-20th century, after WWII. It developed as a result of the influences of German and Danish design, as well as a need for homes to reflect new post-war values of family, nature, and practicality.

Key Elements

Mid-century modern homes are often viewed as minimalist and are marked by 6 key elements:

  1. Clean shapes and lines

Simple, clean shapes and lines allow the furniture and other elements of a room to remain uncomplicated, while together, the room makes a lovely statement. For example, consider what the Eskola Upholstered Chair, a modern design and small-scale chair that packs a big style punch, could add to a dining room. It remains simple in design and is constructed of clean, basic shapes, but could easily become the center of a room.

  1. Open spaces and large windows

An open floor plan allows your house to feel more spacious. Large windows provide an easy view of the outdoors. This view of nature reflects its value and importance in the culture that developed after World War II.

  1. Variation in textures

Beds, like the Laguna Fabric Bed, can provides various textures, including the inset fabric headboard panel and metal details, and completed with classic bedding. Various textures can be also be found in fabrics, wood furniture, and flooring and appear both in the individual elements and the whole room’s composition. 

  1. Wooden furniture as the center of decorations 

Wooden furniture, such as the simple and stylish Simo Leg Table, will automatically become the center of a room. Its simplicity and elegance perfectly suit a mid-century modern home. 

  1. Unique angles that add interest to simple furniture

The Tribeca Accent Chair is a perfect example of unique angles in simple furniture-this accent chair is a cozy addition to a mid-century modern home, adding both interest and comfort to any space. These angles, seen especially on the sides, add interest to this small-scale size chair.

  1. Functionality

Like many decorations in mid-century modern homes, this Miami Bookcase both serves a functional purpose and adds decoration. This bookcase makes a stylish statement while adding convenient storage to your home, making it both decorative and functional.

Furniture and décor can be simple on their own, but come together for a beautiful effect. As a central part of this style, furniture enriches and adds to a mid-century modern home.

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