3 Pieces of Furniture Every Bedroom Needs

Bedroom furniture receives a lot of use throughout its life. Many of these pieces must be able to hold up against the wear and tear of everyday life, including children roughhousing or drawers being overstuffed. The furniture at Home Envy is made by skilled workers with high-quality materials, guaranteeing it will last for years. If you are considering investing in long-lasting, high-quality solid wood furniture here are 3 essential pieces of bedroom furniture that are worth buying custom-made: 

1. Bed

Our beds are used more than just about any other furniture in a home, so it is important to ensure it is good quality. At Home Envy, we produce functional, stylish, and long-lasting beds. We offer styles with solid wood or upholstered frames, with customizable options for the wood, stain, and fabric.

If you need extra storage, consider our storage beds. We can also customize beds to make precisely what you want. If you love our Electra Platform Bed but cannot bear to part with the idea of a storage bed, contact us! Together, we can figure out a way to add storage to your plan to make sure it is exactly what you need. 

2. Clothing Storage

Having room for your clothing is essential to any bedroom. Our large selection of dressers and chests gives you the option to find something that will fit your space perfectly, both aesthetically and size-wise! We have many options for bedroom storage that can suit any room-from the modern Electra Storage Chest to the more subtle Tribeca Dresser

Our dressers and chests are designed to look great and withstand wear. There are several key features to note in our cabinets and drawers that ensure their durability:

Dovetail Drawers

Dovetail drawers are named for their dovetailed, or interlocking, corners. Unlike corners that are just two flat pieces attached, these are designed to never to pull apart. 

Full Extension Drawers

Say goodbye to losing your tennis shoes or favourite sweater into the abyss of your dresser! Full extension drawers allow you to fully open the drawer and access the entire dresser, meaning nothing will get lost in the back of your drawers again!

Soft Closing Glides

Soft closing glides help extend your custom furniture’s life by preventing wear when doors are closed too rough. These are necessary if you have young children (or are particularly accident-prone) as they help minimize jammed fingers.

3. The Nightstand

Nightstands may not be the most sought after pieces of furniture, but they can be a game changer. They are small enough that they hardly take up any space, and the additional storage is completely worth it. We carry various customizable nightstand options, from our rustic Portland 2 Drawer Night Stand to the modern minimalist Brooklyn Night Stand.

We also carry a wide variety of customizable options for nightstands, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Size and space are sometimes concerns when trying to design a bedroom. At Home Envy, we can customize your bedroom furniture to fit any room so you don’t need to sacrifice the space you need to live!

To learn more about custom handcrafted furniture, check us out online or visit us in-store!

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