At Home Envy Furnishings we love custom built products that allow you to pick from a wide range of choices to help make them fit and match perfectly in your home. And what’s better than hand crafted furniture with your custom options…getting it ON SALE!

The ALL ABOUT CHOICE SALES EVENT is on now at Home Envy Furnishings! Find the right piece and choose the wood, stain, size, fabric and more.

Nearly all of our solid wood pieces allow you to choose the wood species used in construction from rustic wormy maple to smooth sanded premium brown maple and even beautiful and distinct cherry wood.

Tables to seat 4-14, Sofas from small condo spaces or wide open great rooms. Find the style you like and we can change the size to make it fit in your room. Leave the measuring tape at home when you visit the showroom, tell us the size you need & we’ll help make it happen

See something you love in the showroom but it’s just too light…let’s build it darker! Want that contemporary piece more rustic…let’s distress it! Being able to change the finish on your pieces can easily help match to your design plan and take it from meh to amazing

Set your room apart with our selection of over 200 sofa fabrics. You’re sure to be able to find the right colour and texture in a durable fabric that will stand the test of time in your home

Select from countless hardware combinations, change wood to metal legs and SOOOO much more…the options are endless with Home Envy Furnishings

Visit Home Envy Furnishings today or start your quote online to build the perfect piece and Save up to 30% Off! 


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